Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mama's Losin' It! Writing Prompt

2.) Share a favorite Christmas memory.

My favorite Christmas Memory from Christmas is the note that Santa leaves the kids every year.  The letter always addresses the kids and the good they have done and where they should try to work a little harder.  Santa is very understanding of how hard it is to be a kid and recognizes that they are trying. There is always a special note of thanks for the cookies, milk and reindeer food.

This particular note was telling the girls that even though Mom and Dad were no longer together that both of us love them very much.  It also let the girls know that they were kinda lucky because now they were getting a growing family to love them. 

The other favorite memory is making reindeer food and having the girls spread it.  Our reindeer food is safe we DO NOT put Glitter in the food.  We mix a little hot coco, plain oatmeal, and sprinkles in a bowl then divide it between the kids that are there to take home for Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve we sprinkle the the food outside for the reindeer to eat while Santa is in the house.

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  1. Those are both really great traditions. I like that your reindeer food doesn't have glitter in it, who would really think that reindeer would eat glitter. Besides it being unsafe and all.Stopping by from Mama Kat's