Saturday, September 22, 2012

It occurred to me that smiling is great.

I have an amazing relationship with God and it has shown me so many things.  I used to always focus on the negative things and wonder why God didn't help me.  Through prayer, therapy and God's grace I realized that I always had the ability to change how I thought and those simple changes would help me see things in a much more positive light.  I am no were near perfect but I don't need to be.  I need to be happy with who I am and realize that I am a work in progress just like everyone else.

So with that new knowledge I realized that when things are going bad the simple act of putting a smile on my face helps me to deal with what is going on around me.   It doesn't mean I am happy about everything or that I am not ever going to cry but it makes it a bit more bearable with that smile.

I am not trying to tell everyone to smile every second of every day.  That is not possible nor practical, but to realize when I am having a bad day try putting a smile on my face and see how that little act of smiling makes others smile too.  If the day I am having is making it to hard to have a smile on my face try to find the smile on my inside, and remember not to actually be frowning outwardly.

I realize that it sounds silly to do but seriously a good smile does help.  Acting a little goofy lets your brain have a break from whatever it is that is bothering you.  This is one that I think helps kids learn they can change their own moods without our help.  Teaching children that if they go into any situation they have the power to choose if they are going to try and be okay with it or be very upset.  The simple act of putting a smile on your face and looking for the good in the situation helps make things we don't want to do better.  Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do but being upset, frowning and just moody doesn't make it any better, right??  We know we have to do it so going in with a positive attitude, a smile and looking for the positive in the event helps.

Think about how different the out comes of a doctors visit would be if you are going in for a shot:
     First you go and your mad cause you hate shots and your mood is down and your frowning.  You snap at the staff and make others grumpy too. You grumble about having had to go to the Dr. to everyone all day just being moody.  (Something you might not know is your bad mood and grouchiness rubbed off on other's in the waiting room and the staff possibly making them have a bad day)
     Second, you go in you have a smile on your face (you still hate shots), you pray for some strength and for God to help you get through this.  You talk to the staff about your worries and they explain why you need to get this shot and possibly give you a technique to help deal with the anxiety about the shot.  You let others know about your Dr.visit and how you learned something new.  (Somethings your mood did for others the smile you had on your face, cheered up someone in the waiting room who was also nervous.  You learned something new and made the staff feel good about being able to help you.  You shared your experience with others taught them something they may not have known.  Your own mood lightened as you shared your positive experience.)

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